corporate_wellness_3_350x326 Imagine your company transformed by the way your employees felt on a daily basis... Imagine if they are more productive because they have substantially higher energy and clearer focus. They make more sales because they feel more confidant and vibrant. Your staff would be more efficient therefor making budget easier to manage. They have far less sick days and lower medical bills. How would this effect your bottom line?!

Studies suggest that preventative health and wellness programs help to lower insurance costs, increase productivity, decrease absenteeism, reduce the need for medical care and increase the employee's desires to live a healthy lifestyle!


Wealth of Welless

Quality Life Wellness can offer your company a wealth of wellness by incorporating a program consisting of a variety of services. Wellness in the Workplace programs are designed to fit the company's needs and desires.

  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Bi-monthly Wellness Newsletters with valuable information and obtainable tips
  • Nutrition Classes
  • Custom Corporate Health Fairs or Wellness Days which could include on-site: acupuncture, chair massage, reflexology, juice bar, educational materials, personalized assessments, wellness presentations, personal consultations with a health coach, and biometeric screenings (usually partnered with a local hospital)
  • Regular yoga, pilates mat classes and fitness training
  • Regular Guided Meditation Classes
  • Break room make over
  • Guided Group Nutrition Programs & Challenges that offer individualized attention and team building aspects. These programs offer education, support and accountability to empower people to use food as their tool protect their health and thrive!


Wellness Workshops

Workshops are a powerful way to educate your employees on lifestyle and dietary habits that enhance their energy, focus, mood and general wellbeing. Valuable information is delivered to help them learn how to protect their health from future chronic illness. These workshops are interactive and engaging and offer education from a Holistic view that focuses on prevention and optimal living! Below are some examples of topics designed for the busy professional:

  • 5 Simple Strategies to Fuel Your Success
    Recharge Your Energy, Focus & Productivity with These 5 Daily Healthy Habits
  • Foods to Fuel Your Focus
    Discover which foods and nutrients are best for restoring and maintaining optimal brain function including focus, memory and mood
  • Adrenal Recharge Success System
    Understand the hidden challenges that keep you exhausted and foggy. Rejuvenate the system that’s at the core of stress, energy, hormones & weight!
  • Smart Nutrition for Busy Professionals on the Go!
    Strategies for brain fuel food for the busy schedule
  • Stress Management Made Simple
  • Preventing Metabolic Syndrome: Lowering Cholesterol, Reducing Blood Pressure, Balancing Blood Sugar (Usually done in a series)
    • 3 Dangerous Trends Most Busy Professionals Make that Keep Their Cholesterol High, Blood Pressure Elevated and Waistline Excessive (Plus a free eBook)
    • Bye-Bye Belly Fat, Brain Fog & Burnout (Guide to balancing Blood Sugar & Insulin Resistance)
  • The Skinny on Weight Gain: How Everyday Products are Making you Fat & Draining Your Energy
  • 3 Ways to Optimize & Understand Gut Health & Brain Connection
  • Eat Your Way Out of Pain!
  • Kick those Cravings
    The Dangers of Sugar Addictions and The Truth on Alternative Sweeteners
  • Navigating Your Way through Food Quality & Trusting Your Source
  • Specific topics may be requested

Angela is an engaging, energetic, and knowledgeable health practitioner. Her programs, classes, and compelling enthusiasm were the catalyst for our employees to make changes in diet, exercise, and overall wellness.

- Geoff Hunt, Director, Specialty Service Operations, GE Healthcare


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