Real Radiant Results that Last without feeling Overwhelmed or Restricted!

  • Is your lack of focus at work costing you big in your productivity and in your career?
  • Are you frustrated with your weight or not having the body that you love?
  • Have you tried other diets and saw results...and then watched them disappear?
  • Is your lack of energy or enthusiasm starting to affect your relationships with your loved ones...or yourself?
  • Are you ready to feel connected, focused and in love with your body?

Most women that struggle with weight and energy have been fed myths by authorities, fad diets, the media and sometime even doctors. Here are some things you are probably used to hearing:

  • You must count calories to lose weight
  • You don’t have to exercise or change your diet, just take this ‘magic’ supplement, food or pill
  • You have to remove carbohydrates (or fats) in order to get into shape.


Why these don’t work:

  1. They create separation in your relationship with food. Food is how we nourish life, celebrate and connect.
  2. They are missing the #1 thing that causes most diets to fail! Consistency! You need real consistency for solid results that last. Therefor, you need something that is realistic, sustainable and enjoyable. Something you can relate and connect to.
  3. Some of these things may work at first. However, since they are lacking sustainability and distancing your relationship with food, people tend to eventually fall away from them or worse, hit the opposite extreme. This is what is known as yo-yo dieting and is very stressful to the body.


How frustrating is it to work so hard, and feel so restricted, just to watch all your results...disappear? And then comes all the guilt and shame and the I’m not good enough stories that drag down energy, focus and confidence.

It’s time to try something different… Something solid that will give you lasting results that you love!

What I’ve Got for You

I’ve just crafted a new program for you called Sexy, Slim & Energized that gives you a step-by-step formula to maintain your weight, supercharge your energy and focus, and feel strong, sexy and confidant!

Like I said, consistency is the only road to lasting results. This is a powerful system with the right support and accountability to set you up for success.

It’s specially designed for women who lead a busy life and struggle to keep their energy strong and focused and have trouble managing their weight.

Here’s the Transformation that You Can Look Forward to in this 6 Week Sexy, Slim & Energized Program:

  • Transform the way you look at food and exercise
  • Learn to tap into what inspires you to keep you stimulated and engaged.
  • Discover other hidden aspects that affect your weight, mood, energy and hormones
  • Adopt a foundation for maintaining digestive and hormone balance
  • Breakthrough the underlying reasons why most great attempts towards new goals fail! (why we don’t stay consistent even to the good programs)
  • Craft a system of success to keep these new habits consistent for lasting results 
  • Feel strong and sexy, confident and energetic to fuel your success!
  • Finally maintain the weight you want without feeling restricted or bored

Focus Points:

  •  We will explore easy delicious meals that boost energy, slim the waistline, and regulate metabolism, hormones, blood sugar and digestion.
  • Daily practice of Creative movement to feel strong and sexy and more connected to self
  • Breakthrough Attitudes, thought patterns and limiting beliefs that quietly continue to hold us back from the lasting success we desire
  • Address and modify sleep patterns that affect the body’s ability to repair and release weight
  • Play with new ways of managing stress that can sabotage all our efforts
  • Recognise and replace sources of daily toxins that affect our hormones that regulate energy and fat storage



Here’s How the Program Works:


  • Each week, new information will be released with clear, attainable action steps to implement them into your life
  • Each week there will be a live coaching call with Angela Marie to break through whatever is getting in your way of success!
  • All classes are recorded so you can watch them at your leisure and have them forever
  • You will have the right support and accountability from both myself and the other participants. We will have a private chat room and message board to ask questions, ask for support and share your success.


Thanks to technology, you can participate from anywhere on the globe!

Hey don't forget your Bonuses!

Energetic Bonus #1

10 Steps to Creating a Rockin' Fitness Routine You Love (eCourse)

This is your tool to tapping into what inspires you in creative movement and exercise. In order to stay consistent, you must stay engaged and have fun!
This eCourse will be delivered through out the Sexy, Slim & Energized Program


Energetic Bonus #2

Kick-Starter Package

Don't wait! Get a head start with these two eBooks: 5 Foods to Jumpstart Weight Loss Setting Intentions & Creating Results Blueprint

Energetic Bonus #3

Private 1:1 Strategy Call with Angela Marie

At the end of the program, you will have a different perspective as to where you are in your health and what your goals are. This call is designed to help you strategize your next steps moving forward.

Energetic Bonus #4

3 Month Free Membership

Starting at the end of the program you will have 3 months free membership to the Quality Life Wellness Community Center! This entails monthly group coaching calls, access to private materials like fitness videos, new weekly recipes, tools for your success and special promotions.

Together these bonuses are worth triple your investment in the Sexy, Slim and Energized Program--But they are yours absolutely free when you take this stand for yourself and say yes to you!

Ready to get started? Let's DO THIS!

Currently Sexy, Slim & Energized is only being offered in a Private 1:1 Coaching Program with Angela Marie

To see if this program is the right fit for you, schedule a non-obligated Sexy, Slim & Energized Strategy Session by clicking on the Image Below

There are no refunds for this program.

We want you to be as serious about your investment and confidant about how you want your relationship with your body to be, as we are about helping you succeed.

We're inviting you to be an active co-creator in this experience, to trust the process, and commit to yourself, for better or for worse.

I want to welcome you to this community of health conscious adventures!


& The Quality Life Wellness Team