Are You Inflamed?! Maybe you don’t know it!

Are You Inflamed?! Maybe you don’t know it!

Do your joints hurt?

Do you have trouble losing weight despite committed efforts?

Do you feel bloated, constipated or swollen in your gut?

Are you fighting chronic illnesses?


This list could go on because when we are inflamed it affects our entire body! As a matter of fact, chronic inflammation is the underlying factor to most all major illness. The scary part is, it often it goes unnoticed and resides in our bodies as silent inflammation.


Chronic inflammation usually starts in the belly area around the digestive tract but can reside anywhere in the body wreaking havoc in any system.


Is inflammation a bad thing? NO! Matter a fact we need it to stay alive! It’s part of our immune response when something goes wrong. This is acute inflammation, meaning it comes to do it’s job and then dissipates when it’s done. However, chronic inflammation builds up over time due to consistent irritation and disrupts proper function throughout the entire body.


Think of what acute inflammation feels like; heat, redness, swelling, limited range of motion, etc… In chronic or systemic inflammation that’s what could be happening in your gut, joints, cardiovascular system, etc, however it’s not dissipating.


Where does chronic inflammation come from and what can we do about it?

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