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Take charge of your health by deepening your understanding of the body and your relationship with mind body wellness! My mission here is to empower you with education and guidance; to supply you with the tools necessary to navigate the often confusing and conflicting world of health and nutrition, all so you can protect your health and vitality!

Knowledge = Power
Accountability = Change
Health = Freedom!

Knowledge, Transformation, Community

Knowledge and education are essential for you to make the best decisions for your health and for your family’s wellbeing. Understanding proper body function and nutrition will enable you to thrive! We offer education, inspiration and guidance as you journey through your personal process, where you experience what's best for you and the ones you love!

Transformation happens in the experience of discovering the roots what continues to hold you back from being the best version of you. It's the art of acknowledging, accepting and making a powerful shift into an empowered version of yourself to stand strong for yourself and create the life your adore. New habits will form without forcing them. This happens with knowledge, support, accountability and the right system for success.

Community is an essential element to both reaching personal success and in creating a positive shift in our sphere of influence, the bigger picture! With support and connection we build trust, we hold ourselves more accountable, we inspire and become inspired by others. Together we spread awareness, build relationships, share ideas and most importantly, we have fun doing it! With a holistic approach we honor the internal environment, alive within our body, as well as the external environment in which we reside. We value the undeniable importance and power of a strong mind body connection. I offer the support you're looking for to reach your deepest health goals and to protect the future of your health. After all, the quality of your health directly affects your Quality of Life.

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Ang-circle-sun (1)About Angela Marie

My journey:
I discovered I belonged in the Holistic Health world while on a half a year's solo journey through Central & South America in 2005. On that voyage I had plenty of intimate time alone to learn who I am and where my passions were growing the strongest. Later, I entered the Holistic Health Industry as a body worker practicing Massage Therapy and instructing Yoga in the beaches of Costa Rica. I've since returned home further enriching my experience and practice and am now a Holistic Health Practitioner, Health Coach, Fitness Professional & Cert. Master of Fitness Design, Budokon Yoga Instructor, Pilates Mat Instructor, and a Massage Therapist. I hold a degree in Alternative Medicine, I do research with Nutritional Blood Analysis, and I am currently studying at The Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology as well as Transformational Coaching Method with Holistic MBA. I am also founder of Quality Life Wellness and Core Inspiration.

I am super passionate about teaching and supporting people to take charge of their health and overcome digestive and hormonal issues that drag them down, so that they can excel in the life they love! So they will have the energy to charge the day and still have plenty to play!

I love to nourish a community of like minded individuals who are health and environmentally conscious.

Join me in your journey to personal health transformation and success!