Family Tradition of Peace & Unity Plus Life Changing Daily Practice!

Happy Grateful Day! (Well on Thursday anyway.) Really, any day can be grateful day and it would be in our best interest to aim for practicing that. Incorporating this simple yet profound life changing daily practice will support you in creating peace in your heart and abundance in your life.

I love Thanksgiving for all the family time, and filling my belly with delicious Thanksgiving food! Yum I can’t wait!

However my favorite part of Thanksgiving is taking the time to stop and really think about what I am grateful for. I try to do this often in my daily life anyway, but I take it a bit deeper on this day and voice it to my friends and family.

We have a family tradition at the table during Thanksgiving dinner to go around and state what each person is thankful for. (I always make sure we do this!)

Naturally, some of my younger siblings roll their eyes at the start of this. Yet still, by the time we make it around the dinner table, our hearts are warmer, our smiles soft, and sometimes there are tears in our eyes…

It draws us closer to our hearts and to each other.  The food begins to taste even better! The power of gratefulness is immeasurable! Practicing regularly will help you shift your life closer towards what you want to create! So let’s all start (or restart) now on Thanksgiving and invite your whole family to join you. They may roll their eyes at first but watch what happens…

Life Changing Daily Practice, gratitude journaling

According to UC Davis psychologist Robert Emmons, people who regularly practice gratitude by taking the time to reflect on what they are grateful for, generally experience more positive emotions, feel more alive, sleep better, express more compassion and kindness, and even have stronger immune systems!

He also highlights these 4 ways gratitude can transorm peoples lives:

  1. Gratitude allows us to celebrate the present
  2. Gratitude blocks toxic, negative emotions
  3. Grateful people are more stress resilient
  4. Grateful people have a higher sense of self-worth

You can check him out here:

You can also check out his book here:

Life Changing Daily Practice:

Gratitude journaling is a great way to remember to incorporate this practice into our daily lives. It slowly shifts our perception by changing what we choose to focus on. It helps us to see more of the lighter side of things and can show us new opportunities.

Also, as you practice this more, you will also become increasingly aware of the negative limiting thoughts that are destructive and toxic. They often sit in the quiet background of our minds slowing picking away at our self-worth, and camouflaging new opportunities.

When life feels the most challenging, that’s the most important time to stick with this practice! When we feel stressed, depressed, anxious, heart broken, ill, it’s easy for us to let the more positive things in our lives slip by without seeing or acknowledging them. Meanwhile the negative thoughts feel heavier in our minds and hearts. It’s so important at these times of despair to find those little things that we can be grateful for to life our spirits and draw us closer to the light we want to be in.

Gratitude journaling can be done any time of day, yet it’s great to leave the journal by your bedside and do it every morning and night before you go to sleep. Starting and ending your day in gratitude will have a profound effect on you mentally, physically and emotionally.

If that feels like too much you can start once or twice a week.

Life changing daily practice, gratitude journaling


You can order an inexpensive beautiful moleskin journal here right now!


Be detailed in your gratitude entries. Try to be specific as you can. Even the things that seems insignificant are still important to include.

Short and sweet! If you’re really getting into what you are writing, it can be very therapeutic to let your pen dance and your mind fly. Otherwise, keep it short and sweet. If you put pressure on yourself to make a long entre every time, it can start to feel like a chore rather than a peaceful practice.

Switch it up a bit. Try to find new things all the time that excite you or make you smile.

Keeping it going:

We’re busy right? I get it. But how much time does it take to practice what we think about? You can set soft reminders in your phone throughout the day. Or keep something by your nightstand (like your journal) to remind you, or something that inspires you.


Here’s what I’m grateful for today:

The health & wellbeing of my family and loved ones
The depth of my relationships
The success of my business, (including the downfalls)
My health and vibrancy
That I have access to healthy food
That I have the opportunity to grow and be creative
That no one I know has been hurt by the latest acts of hatred around the world. (Yet still sending so much love and prayers to the ones that have).

Your turn!

Please share below something you are grateful for right now! (Try it, it feels really good)

Life changing daily practice